Toddler Messy Art Exploration (2-3.5 years)

Wednesday, Feb 15 from 10:40–11:30am PST (7 days away) View the full series
24 mos–3½ yrs old
Required: an adult must stay
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Class Experience

'Toddler Messy Art Exploration' is a sensory and art-based experience for children. Activities include, but are not limited to exploring with slime, doughs, clay, painting, sifting, transferring, and more. This class is a time for caretakers to observe and support the children letting them follow their own pace through the experiences set up in class.


To make the most of this experience, please follow your child's lead. Step back and observe. We invite you to resist the urge to “show” your child the “right” way because in doing that we end up robbing our children of that magical moment when they discover it all on their own. We truly believe that the experience is more valuable than any end product.
Parents, if you will be sending a nanny or grandparent with your child, please take a brief moment to share the Messy Art Lab approach.

Class Requirements

-We require vaccination proof of all eligible members of the child's household and their caregivers.
-Make sure to dress your child (and yourself) in clothes you don't mind getting messy since some paint might stain.
-One adult max per child.

What you'll learn

Art and sensory play empowers your child’s creativity, the use of senses and social-emotional skills, supports cognitive and language development, problem-solving, gross and fine motor skills while having tons of fun.

Sample Class Format:
-Free exploration
-Guided activity
-Art invitation
-Bubbles and music

-Don't forget to email or bring your proof of vaccination.
-Dress for the mess!
-One adult max per child.
-BUNDLE UP!! We are a mostly outdoors studio, with some indoor space.

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